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My faceshop (closed for the moment)

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My faceshop (closed for the moment)

Post  Light on Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:21 am

I am now ready to make a face set shop!
1. I will only except two request at a time!
2. If the slots are full please do not post a request!
3. I have the right to deny any request, as well as cancel a request
4. Please give a good description of how the face shoult look. (A character set would help greatly)
5. A character personality details would also help!
6. please be willing to wait a week at most on your order, it usually only takes me an hour or two on each face.
7. Please don't post ex.(Heyz homes i needz a faz sets) or what ever other crap you might post.
If you do I will shun you for the rest of our living days.
8. I check in about every day to the site soo I should see your request soon after post.

Here are some ex. of what I can do!
Yes I know some are a little big but i fix them when I finish
(Do Not Use These Without My Consent, they are characters in my game!)
Face set:

If you wanna know how I do this I will show you!
1. Blank manga studio paper on my comp.
2. Draft it like so:
3. Color with photoshop and walah!:

There now you know lol!

dezz = Finished!
Sprite set I used:

Here is the face set:

Here is the original



Remember before you post read the rules!

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